Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tutorial and finalising garment and boards

The last two weeks before hand in the studios are being packed away in preparation for the degree show. So I will be working from home for the next couple of weeks, but yesterday I popped in for a tutorial with Charlie, to finalise the layout for my sample and illustration boards, and to discuss any last decisions with regards to my final outcome.

We selected some vintage buttons from my collection that were in my colour palette and pinned them to the straps to decide on the layout. We also decided to use a Woman's Land Army logo that I cleaned up on photoshop on the ends of the straps. I made these 'badges' using dylon image transfer paste onto calico.

But when I came to sew the buttons on each strap at home, I felt that five on each strap and the WLA logos would look to crowded, so I opted for three buttons on each strap with space for the logo instead.

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