Saturday, 27 April 2013

Introduction to textile applications - module review

So far I have built up a good range of ink and bleach drawings, discharged fabric samples and knit samples. My technical folder is more or less up to date and I have made a good start in my sketchbook with research.

discharged fabric samples drying after wash-off procedure

I really like the strong graphic effect the discharge process has created on these black fabric squares, it is definitely a process that I would like to experiment more with in the future. It will be interesting to see how the discharge paste will affect the different yarns I have used in my knits, which I started to screen print onto yesterday. I won't see the results until the beginning of the week because they have to be steamed to activate the discharge process.

 getting ready to screen print onto knit samples with discharge paste

My tutors, Charlie and Will, think that I have a strong colour palette in my knit samples, that I need to start coming through into my ink and bleach and discharged fabric samples. I can do this with gouache and hand embroidery. I have been advised to consider the placement of my stencils for screen printing over my knits, so I get best effects when the dye is discharged from the yarns. The work that I did in yesterdays session will help me to make decisions on which stencils work best and which yarn colours work best with the discharging process. I will then be able to knit up some more samples next ready for discharging next friday.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Essay hand in

I handed in my essay yesterday, what a relief to get it out of the way! As I have said before, essay writing is not my strongest subject, and although I have put a lot of hard work into writing it, I am a little worried about what grade I am going to get for it. 

I also got feedback and my grade for my presentation this week. I got 61%, which doesn't sound all that good if you think of it as only a little over 50%, but as Gill said, marking boundaries at degree level are a bit different to usual grades.  For example a pass is 40% upwards and anything between 40-49% is a 3rd is classed as 'satisfactory', between 50-59% is a 2:2 and is classed as 'good', between 60-69% is a 2:1 and classed as 'very good', and between 70-100% is a 1st and classed as 'excellent'. So 61% is very good, which I am happy with. But the overall grade for this module will depend on the mark for my essay too. The overall grade will be split 50/50 between the essay and presentation. Fingers crossed, the essay grade won't be too low! 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Investigation of fashion & textile practices - module review

I think that I have produced a good range of visual and written investigations of the brief including both secondary and primary research. I have finished my jersey jumpsuit toile, which I am generally pleased with, but if I made it again I would try and get the slouchy pockets/hips higher up so they are more suitable for use as pockets. I like the fact that it has no fastenings to spoil the streamline design and comfort of the jumpsuit. It has a very wide neck so that you can just step into it and pull it on

I have also produced some designs ideas, but need to work on more and remember to consider how they might translate into pattern repeats. I will need to consider what printing methods I will use for my final 2m wallpaper drop. e.g. screen prints using stencil or exposed screen, block printing, flock and foil. I think that I need to do some research into companies who sell hand-printed wallpapers and the methods that they use to help with my decision.

The next stage for me is to create and print 3 different large screen print designs. I can then cut those up and develop them into several A3 design ideas, based on various themes from my sketchbook work. I would like to work into them with stitch, block printing and ink. I also need to start using photoshop to create repeat prints from my design ideas and practice applying the repeat patterns to a drawing of my jumpsuit.