Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dynamic Nomadic

Our new project this term is called 'Dynamic Nomadic' we will be drawing inspiration from nomadic tribes across the world.
During this module we will be revisiting the processes we learnt in our first module (dying, screen-printing, machine knit & machine embroidery) and learning new skills in basic garment construction.

So far I have collected a lot of visual research that can be viewed here on my Pinterest and have researched some information about a few nomadic tribes. I have a particular interest in Mongolian and Tibetan nomads found in Asia, and the Berbers, Bedouins and Maasai of Africa. Last week I went and scouted my local charity shops for garments that I might be able to use in this project. I was on the look out for woollen jumpers to felt, checked tablecloths similar to the Maasai blankets that I can over-dye and beads and jewellery that I can use for embellishment.

In the studio today I made a mood board and finalised my colour palette, this is an important stage as I will have to stick to my colour palette throughout this project. I took inspiration from the images I have collected and have chosen to use vivid red, cobalt blue, bone, cerise pink, minky-brown, buttercup yellow and either gold or silver for embellishment. Whilst researching nomads I have discovered that there are common themes that keep cropping up across the different tribes I have looked at. These are:
  • vivid colours (particularly vibrant red and a intense cobalt blue)
  • layering of clothing
  • adornment (beading, metal trinkets and tattooing)
  • natural materials (wool, cotton, fur, wood)
  • weaving and rug making
My next steps will be drawing and mark making in my sketch book, researching processes I could use that are similar to what nomads might use, and writing a 250 word statement that I can refer to throughout the project to keep me focused on my intended path.

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