Thursday, 19 April 2012

Design Ideas

I have come up with some garment design ideas for my final outcome. Like I outlined in my statement at the beginning of this project, I am keen to create a utility style, overall type garment made from a practical fabric (like a cotton drill or calico) which I want to screen print and embroider to with pretty florals.

I keep coming back to the idea of an apron dress and have been looking a different styles of apron dress that are already on the market. I have been particularly inspired by the British made to order company Old Town and their Bungalow dress, and this apron dress by an American company called Pip-squeak Chapeau. Anthropologie have an amazing selection of aprons too. You can also see other styles that have been inspiring me on my Pinterest board Cinderellas of the Soil.

The final drawing just above here is the design that I think I want to make. I wanted to make the front look like a traditional apron with the straps and buttons, but I think the pleating/gather in the front makes it look bit more interesting. The back is similar to the front of the Old Town Bungalow dress but I have incorporated a sweeping curved hem line like the Pip-squeak Chapeau apron dress. I think that this hem line keeps it looking more like an apron in style, but the wrap over back means that this can be worn on it's own, as well as over jeans or leggings and a top or shirt.

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