Saturday, 17 January 2015

Professional Fashion Textiles Practice Final Major Project Brief


Produce a womenswear collection of 6 outfits that can be worn layered together or individually. The collection will include:

2 x evening dresses
2 x transformable jersey tops/dresses/skirts.
1 x wool blanket coat
4 x extra-large, hand-rolled hemmed, digitally printed scarfs.

My final collection and portfolio will demonstrate my skills, to future employers, in CAD print and garment design, and my skills in garment construction.

Aims and Objectives:

I intend to produce a womenswear collection that combines contemporary fashion construction and CAD print design with historical influences. I will achieve this by utilising my personal archive of inherited antique and vintage textiles, ephemera, haberdashery, and china. Both physically, in the construction of the garments, as well as inspiration for print and laser cut designs.

I will combine my collection of antique textiles, garments and haberdashery with modern fabrics and techniques, remaking them into new garments, that can be worn layered or individually.

I will consider the contemporary issues that I feel strongly about: Diversity, feminism and fast fashion in my work, through deeper thinking of my research in my sketchbook and personal journal.

What will you research?

I need a fresh influence to be able to develop some of the themes of my pre-collection – Nostalgia, Collecting and Adaption.

I remembered watching the Maysles brother’s 1975 documentary, Grey Gardens, a few years ago and was intrigued about the deteriorating lives of the American socialites - Big and Little Edie in their East Hampton Mansion. I will revisit the documentary and watch the 2009 film that sets the documentary and lives into context, as well as reading more about them.

To support this secondary research, I will unearth some of my own inherited and collected antiques & ephemera, which I think represent a similar thread to Grey Gardens.

I will document my response to this research using words, photographs, drawing and painting. I will then reassess if there is anything else to research further into.

Working Methods:

  • ·      Photograph, paint and draw from primary sources
  • ·      Use of CAD for print designs using imagery from primary research
  • ·      Use of CAD for technical drawings
  • ·      Draping on the stand and drafting from blocks to produce design ideas and garment patterns.
  • ·      Machine and hand sewing for garment construction.

Materials and processes:

  • ·      Beaded antique garments and vintage textiles, lace and haberdashery.
  • ·      Digital fabric printers (Silk Bureau, &Digital, Lacuna Press)
  • ·      Pre-dyed silks (Beckford Silks)
  • ·      New Fabrics (The Silk Society, Borowicks, Fabric Godmother)


My women’s eveningwear collection is designed for autumn/winter ‘15, and is cut to flatter a fuller figure. Due to its incorporation of original vintage textiles, the collection is comprised of high-end one-off garments, which can be combined with transformable jersey separates and accessorised with a range of luxury scarves that can be reproduced to order.

My target consumer is a woman with an eye for detail, a love of vintage clothing and an appreciation of fine craftsmanship. Her style is feminine and classic, but with a quirky, contemporary edge. Beginning to grow out of the fast-fashion high street, she is looking for beautiful clothing made with integrity that she will love and treasure, and others will covet.

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