Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A Day in Rob Ryan's Studio

 As I'm sure that I've mentioned before, my little sister Libby works for the papercut artist Rob Ryan. So back in april, whilst my little girl was away on a brownie camp for the week I managed to escape to London's east end for a day working with her in his studio. I've already met Rob Ryan himself on a few occasions, but on this particular day he was off on his holidays, so it was a bit of an 'odd-job quite day' as Libby put it.

As you can probably imagine, it's a bit odd having your little sister boss you around, a bit of a role reversal, but the bossy Wright woman gene has not by-passed her and she did a grand job.

It didn't stop me having a bit of fun behind her back (literally) tee hee!

I wasn't just playing with sticky dots though. My task was to layout mini Rob Ryan logos on photoshop so that when they are printed onto the sticky dot sheet, they are all in the middle of a dot. So I had to peel off all the dots on one sheet and scan it, then use it as a guide so I knew where to place each logo perfectly. Simple but clever, I'll remember that one!

Amongst other jobs like shopping for, and cooking lunch for everyone, and then washing up. Libby let me loose on putting some water slide decals on mugs, which was really tricky. It is all slippy and you have to get all the bubbles out of it, by being quite firm with your smoothing, but not so firm that you stretch or break the decal and it has to line up when you get to the end, or it creases when you try to line it up. By my fourth one I'd finally got the hang of it, but by that time Libby had got fed up with helping me with my mistakes, so she got me wrapping tiles and moving a load of these kitty cats  round to the other studio instead.

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